So Far, So Good!

As I mentioned in my site The Story Teller, I already packed the courage to submit five of my stories in a publication of children’s books. Though I don’t feel very confident that they will be accepted and published, I feel great that I was able to conquer my fear and try something that I have always wanted to try. At least I would stop wondering whether I stood a chance or not. If my works get published, that would be nice, if not, well, I guess I wouldn’t stop writing, hehe.. Moreover, I already made some business cards that I plan to distribute to advertise my services as a tutor.

I feel excited and scared at the same time and I believe it’s a common reaction to change especially for someone like me who always wants things the way they are. I know my plans may not succeed but I, at least, have to give it a try and find out for myself what is out there. I may be IN for a big surprise or I may be IN for a great disappointment, but how should I know which if I won’t walk the mile that will take me there?

I think I’m being overly dramatic about all these, but this is how I really feel and believe it or not, I feel better when I write it down.. :D

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